About Our Coach

Jack Signorelli is a Certified Business Coach. His career spanned 27 years in Corporate America with companies like Xerox, Wang, and culminating as VP of Sales and then President of Konica Office Products, (now Konica Minolta), an $Billion International Fortune 200 manufacturer and distributer of office products and services with more than 1200 employees. Jack retired at age 50 and now owns two businesses. He has been providing practical advice to business leaders and companies, in all industry segments, throughout the U.S.

Jack Signorelli, owner of this coaching practice, is passionate about working with business owners to help them achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity plans for themselves and their businesses, resulting in a professional and personal balance in their lives. Jack is a former U.S. Marine, is married with three grown children. He enjoys golf and umpiring women’s fastpitch softball at HS, College, and National Tournament levels.

Do you feel like you have a great idea, but you can't get your voice heard?

Are you the type of person who works best with a deadline?

Do you have a goal in mind, but are unsure of how to reach it?

Do you feel like you have all the tools for success at your disposal,
but are unsure of how to utilize them?

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